The Woodland Barn

The Barn is a 21st-century version of the classic rural building, crafted from local Cotswold stone and green oak, with double-height volumes and extensive glazing. For us, modernity also means sustainability. This house gave us the opportunity to break with traditional materials and construction methods, and trial an innovative and more sustainable type of timber frame. The result is a building which has sustainability built into its very fabric. The frame is made from cross-laminated timber panels. This creates a very dense and structurally robust engineered timber – as strong as concrete, in fact. Timber is the only truly renewable building material, and it also has the lowest energy consumption of any building material throughout its lifecycle. Each cubic metre of cross-laminated timber panels will remove approximately 0.8 tonnes of CO2. Use enough timber in the construction of buildings and you could, theoretically, achieve negative CO2 emissions. This home meets level 4 of the Code for Sustainable Homes because of its frame, but its design can be adapted for further sustainability, via, for example, photovoltaic panels, an air-to-air heat pump or geothermal pump, and connection to a green energy source.

The Barn was completed summer 2015.

Works Model home
Building CLT (timber frame)
Scope RIBA Stages 1 to 5
Procurement Traditional
Site works Completed
Value Confidential